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Beast 36 - Safety Rack Straps

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Beast 36 - Safety Rack Straps

Product Info:

The Safety Rack Strap compatible with the Beast 36 Power Rack features a 2.5" wide heavily reinforced nylon strap. Each strap is secured to a set of brackets 3/16" thick steel and set with a 1" diameter pin. 

Strap hangers can be mounted at different heights. As an extra precaution to ensure your safety, the straps can be positioned on a slope, so if a barbell is dropped it will roll safely away from the athlete. The nylon strap is also kinder to your bar and knurling, saving it from damage.


    • Strap Length: 31" Long
      Strap Width: 2.5” Wide Reinforced Nylon
      Weight Capacity: 1000LB
    • Steel Brackets: 3/16” thick, 1” diameter pin
      Optimized for quick, easy adjustments
      Ends can be adjusted at different heights
      Nylon strap saves your knurling and bar from damage