Tydax Fitness is bringing you quality workout equipment that is going to blow your socks off. We want all our athletes to have the best workout possible, and therefore we strive to provide the most quality product for you.

Our Beast Power Racks and Squat Stands are constructed with 3x3” 11-gauge steel uprights and cross members which essentially means that you’re getting set up with a sturdy unit, built to last no matter how much of a beast you are. All of the uprights and cross-members come in a charcoal colour with black accessories that gives your gym a raw look and feel. The uprights follow a 1 inch hole spacing within the “bench zone” and continue with a 2 inch hole spacing above and below. Each hole is laser-cut with ascending numbers for your convenience, so you don’t have to mess around with making sure your J-hooks are aligned. All our racks and stands are able to be bolted to the ground, and we offer the necessary rack, stand and storage anchor kits all available on our store.  

*stay tuned as we will be posting video footage for a full review of the rest of our equipment.

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Tydax Beast

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