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Sticking to Your Schedule

Sticking to Your Schedule
May 2, 2021

Sticking to Your Schedule

Most of us have lost our routines during Covid times and these include our morning workouts, when we go into work and everything in between. Our schedules are all out of whack, there’s a lack of normalcy and each day seems to be blending together. I find myself often asking myself what day is it anyway!?

I urge you to try as hard as possible to stick to your routine during this time as it is extremely important! Do your best not to stay up late, but to still hit the sack at your regular bedtime hour and the same goes for when you wake up in the morning. Avoid hitting that snooze button numerous times or sleeping in way past your regular timings.

Use your virtual calendar, smartphone or physical day planner to mark down your appointments. Whether that includes your work conference calls, face time coffees, slot to answer emails, input your home workout or down time, mark it down in your daily planner and stick to it!

This will help you stay productive throughout the day and help you to complete your work. Making your workouts a priority will give you a break in your work day and so will your face time coffee break. Doing all of this with help with your sanity, prevent boredom, keep moods lifted, prevent stress and promote overall well-being.

Marc Lavallee B. Kin, CSEP-CEP, NSCA-CSCS

Instagram @lavalleemarc