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May 30, 2021


Characters like Popeye the Sailor Man have been engraving the powerful benefits of spinach for decades now. Although eating it may not give you the same physical strength that he has, it’s effect on your health even more powerful than you may think. Today we are going to break down why you should sub out that lettuce and make spinach a staple in your daily diet.

Spinach is largely made of water, making it a very low calorie food. In fact for 100g, which is about the size of a large salad bowl, it provides 23 calories made up by 3 grams of protein, 4 grams of carbs and practically no fat. It’s macronutrient break down makes it a potentially filling food at a very small caloric cost. Spinach is also very high in insoluble fibre which provides many health benefits, most notably preventing constipation and adding good volume to your stool.

Spinach is also extremely rich in vitamins and minerals. By consuming spinach, you ensure your body is getting adequate amounts of vitamin A, C, K and B9- promoting cellular function, proper blood clotting, immune health and skin health. Additionally spinach supplies iron which is known to boost hemoglobin and calcium which is crucial for bone health and signalling between the nervous system, heart and muscles. Spinach also contains many other vitamins and minerals which are extremely healthy, however these are the main ones.

Spinach also contains a large list of compounds. This extensive list includes: Lutein which is linked to improved eye health, kaempferol which may decrease your risk of cancer and antioxidants, nitrates to promote heart health and quercetin which wards off infection and inflammation.

In conclusion, spinach is an extremely healthy leafy green which when eaten in solid moderation provides extremely valuable health benefits. Although it may not be the most tasty thing in the world, there are many ways to incorporate it into your meals and make it enjoyable. Get creative with it and enjoy the many health benefits it brings!