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Slow Down Your Eating!

Slow Down Your Eating!
Apr 11, 2021

Slow Down Your Eating!

No, I don’t mean slow down you gains from all your hard training! This article touches on slowing down your eating. We are always in a rush to shovel food down as quickly as possible. When’s our next appointment? Another call? Overtime? Next training session? Next client? Next practice? Or kids event. All reasons why we either skip meals or eat them as fast as possible.

This week I want to challenge you to slow your eating for each and every meal you consume this week and going forward. What’s the point? Well, it takes a substantial amount of time for your stomach to send a signal back up to your brain telling it “Hey! We’ve had enough!” That signal to the brain is to signify that you’re full and to stop eating. If you speed eat, that signal comes at a much slower rate and it’s too late, you have over eaten at this point. When eating your meals like this you can very easily over consume your calories compiled over days, weeks, months, and years all add up to extra pounds on the scale and/or extra inches on your waistline!

Take this time to enjoy your food, build new habits, and not over consume on your eating! We are all more sedentary then in previous years due to our jobs and technology. An over consumption of calories will not do you any favours. It’s all about a calorie balance, what you are putting into your body and the energy output you are producing throughout the day with your body. Calorie surplus at the end of the day will lead to weight gain, a calorie deficit with lead to weight loss and an equal balance will lead to maintaining your weight

When it comes to fat loss that is a totally different conversation saved for a future article.


Marc Lavallee B. Kin, CSEP-CEP, NSCA-CSCS