Training Tips

The Days That Scare You

At FUEL, we offer a complete training system that produces a total fitness package. One particular dynamic of a complete training system is to utilize a diverse range of functional movements in which to train our bodies. Essentially, the more capable our bodies are over a broad range of movements, the healthier they are.

Inevitably, we are going to encounter movements that we are really good at, and some that we are terrible at. That principle holds true for everyone. However, everyone’s strengths and weaknesses vary depending on the individual. When looking at this principle in a complete training system, you will encounter the “perfect storm” days throughout the program where all of your worst movements show up. Those days are scary. And those are the most important days of all.

It’s the days that we are scared of that bring us the most benefit. These days ask us to move the furthest away from our comfort zone, and confront something that we know we are bad at. When facing these challenges, we are provided with the opportunity for the most growth in our training. This principle is known as “diminishing returns”. We have to work exponentially harder to improve something that we are good at versus something we are bad at… or rather “not good at, YET”. That means the things we are bad at are the EASIEST things to improve on. And when we improve, we are moving forward. It’s with this mindset that you will learn to “love” (or at least take advantage) of the training days that are full of the movements you don’t like… yet ;)

Brandon Bufton has been CrossFitting for five years and focuses on perfecting barbell movements while helping our members see their true potential. “I love helping them achieve something that they thought they might never be able to do,” he says. Brandon played college baseball at Lewis-Clark State College and Louisiana State University of Shreveport, followed by two seasons with the Lethbridge Bulls, where his team won the 2015 WMBL Championship  

and he was awarded the 2015 WMBL MVP. After the first time he tried CrossFit, he instantly knew that he wanted to be a part of it and help change people’s lives through it. “After my college baseball career was over, I transitioned into coaching CrossFit as quickly as I could,” he says. “I achieved my CF-L1, and got the opportunity to coach here at FUEL Lifestyle and Performance.”

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